Jewelry Care


We know that once you fall in love with your TROVE pieces, you'll never want to take them off. However, it's important the follow proper jewelry maintenance to ensure longevity for years to come. 

Each piece at TROVE is thoughtfully handmade using the finest materials including gemstones, sterling silver and gold. We also use a superior plating process with a thick layer of gold or rose gold called Vermeil to give each piece a lasting finish. The best way to care for your jewelry is with some mindful measures about how to wear your pieces, when to take them off and how to store them.  

With that in mind, here are some simple tips to extend the life of your jewelry:



To reduce the rate of wear and to avoid damage, please remove your jewelry when washing hands, showering or swimming because the chlorine in water and the chemicals found in strong soaps can dull the finish of your jewelry.


Cosmetic products such as perfumes, lotions and hairspray can damage the finish of your jewelry. If possible, wear your perfume or lotion in areas that won’t come in contact with your jewelry. As a general rule, your jewelry should be put on last when getting ready and taken off first at the end of the day.


Our pieces are handmade and many of our designs are fairly dainty; please treat them gently. Rings in particular injure the most amount of wear and tear.

Jewelry should be removed prior to physical activity and before going to bed to avoid putting pressure on the stones or on the chain. The heat and pressure can also cause the earring posts to bend, chains to tangle and stones to loosen over time.

As with all jewelry, protect them from knocks and dropping them as this can loosen the prongs or scratch the metal. Pieces with stones should be protected, as stones are meticulously and precisely set, and may become loose if they are bent or come in contact with a hard surface.


When not in use, store your jewelry away from moisture, in an airtight jewelry box or preferably in a small ziploc bag and the box it came in. Keeping your jewelry away from moisture and oxygen will help prevent it from oxidizing over time.


The best way to clean your jewelry is to wipe them with a soft dry cloth after each wear to remove any dirt or oils from the skin. If your jewelry is particularly dirty, moisten a soft cloth to wipe your piece clean and dry them right away.


Depending on how often you wear your jewelry, we recommend that you have a trained jeweler inspect your jewelry every six months to 12 months.  Your item will be checked for worn or loose prongs, weak links or damaged clasps. 

Superficial scratches can be removed by professional buffing equipment and many of them offer professional re-plating service if your jewelry needs it.