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Necklace Size Guide


To measure your desired necklace length,
please use a string, a marker and a ruler, and follow our easy step-by-step instructions below:
Step 1: Take the piece of string and wrap it around your neck where you want your necklace to lay. 
Step 2: Hold the string where it's the perfect fit with your fingers, and mark the spot with the marker. 
Step 3: Use a ruler and measure the length of the string from the tip to where you marked it with the marker.
That is the length of your necklace!
You can also use our diagram as a general guide. 



 Length Style Placement
12” - 14” Choker Length Wraps closely around the neck. It’s best to measure your neck first to make sure you’ll have a comfortable fit.
16” Collar Length A common necklace length, on a petite women it will sit at the base of the collarbone, while for a larger women it will sit at the base of the neck.
18”  Princess Length

Perhaps the most common length and universally flattering, a necklace this length will sit comfortably below the collarbone or a couple of inches lower on a petite women.

20”  Matinee Length This necklace length will sit at the bust line.
22” - 24” Opera Length Good for both business and casual wear, a necklace this length will sit on the bust or close to the ribcage. You may even wrap the necklace around twice making it look like a double strand necklace.